See the sun sink into the sea
See the sun sink into the sea

Serra do Montemuro
Serra do Montemuro

GoCamper Portugal camperrental
GoCamper Portugal camperrental

See the sun sink into the sea
See the sun sink into the sea





Welcome to GoCamperPortugal 

The address in Portugal for renting a Volkswagen campervan

The beautiful mediterranean Portugal with his friendly people and the variety of landscapes is worth to be visited. Here you can smell the flavour of laurel and eucalyptus, grilled sardines and garlic. Feel the sand between your toes while you are looking to the sunset and enjoy your lunch in the shadow of a big eucalyptus tree.

All these you can experience by travelling through the country with our Volkswagen campervan. We deliver the campervan to Porto airport or in Coimbra where your trip to discover Portugal can start. Or you can stay in one of our apartments where are many possibilities to experience Portugal.

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Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira

This compact campervan offers a lot of freedom and comfort during your trip through Portugal. Because of their dimensions they are very handy. 
In Portugal there are a lot of small roads, but for this camper it isn't a bigger probelm than for a normal pessengercar even as parking in a centre of a city. Because of their dimensions they are very handy.

You bring your accommodation with you and that makes you the manager of place and time.
Despite the size of the passenger car, this camper still has the conveniences of a camper on board, such as a kitchenette with two gasburners,  a fridge and a sink with running water.
This camper also offers sleeping space for 4 people and you can sit around the kitchen table.

Portugal was several times voted the best travel destination in the world at the World Travel Awards. And that has its reason. There is so much to discover in Portugal. In addition to the hospitable and friendly population, it has so much more to offer. Such as the beautiful cities of Porto and Lisbon.
Sun, sea and beach can almost always be found here. Both for sun worshipers and surfers it is a wonderful place here. There are also beautiful areas for walking or cycling. Portugal has 22 classifications for the UNESCO World Heritage. And after experiencing all this beauty, there is the varied gastronomy and national wines which will give an impressive feeling of what Portugal really like.